Most people decide to sell their houses because they want to make money or have some personal situation that needs to handle quickly by cashing out the equity in the house. If you want to sell FAST, there are options available that do not require any realtor involved which means you don’t have to pay extra for realtor commission.

Why US?

We specialize in 10 proven ways to buy home, and we will make you money.

We purchase homes in any condition. Before you decide to sign on a contract or an agreement with anyone, you should give us a call because we GUARANTEE to give you THE BEST deal for your home.

Here is a short list of what we can do for you:

  • Buy your Property Today for Top Dollar
  • Cash Offer with Closings Within 10 Days or on Your Timeline
  • No Real Estate Commissions
  • Save Money on Closing Costs
  • Partnership with You


"Selling a home can be an almost impossible task when you have a tenant that refuses to cooperate. Moreover, I had been delinquent on my taxes for 3 years. I was in a terrible financial situation. I had talked to several potential buyers. My situation was too complex for them to deal with. I was fortunate to call Love Houston Homes. They are honest and very understanding. After becoming familiar with my situation, they took care of tenant and my delinquent taxes and list my house for sell. I recommend them to anyone that needs to sell their home regardless of your circumstances. You'll be glad you did."

– Rene G., Houston, TX

"I've sold an old house to Love Houston Homes and I'm happy that they keep their words and close on time. The transaction was creative and done as expected. I would do business with them again."

– Albino C., Houston, TX

"We have sold 2 houses to Love Houston Homes. They have completed the transactions on time with CASH. They are knowledgeable and true to their word and agreements. They handled all the transactions very professionally and proficiently. We recommend this group anytime."

– Michael F, Tomball, TX

Here are some simple steps:

  1. You give us a call or fill out the form for us to contact you.
  2. We will get some info of the home you want to sell.
  3. We schedule a meeting with you at your home.
  4. We provide you at least 2 great options and you will choose the one you like most.
  5. We will close in 10-14 days or on your time line.
  6. We will be one of your friends. If there is anything you need help during the selling process, we are there for you.

We Offer Such Solutions as:

  • Quick Closings
  • Mortgage Payment Assignment
  • FREE Advice
  • Confidential
  • Fast Acting
  • Many Satisfied Clients


We buy houses in Houston and surround areas. If you receive our marketing but don’t have a house for sale, you can refer us someone else. We pay for referral. We will handle all the work and you get paid.

Here are some simple steps:

  1. Call or email us about the owner you know who wants to sell the home
  2. We will contact the owner and have a schedule to see it.
  3. When the offer got accepted, your name is written as referral.
  4. At closing, you will receive a check from Title Company. If you would prefer for convenient, Title Company will either mail the check to you or wire transfer to your account.

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